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Dark Escape 4D arcade game

Dark Escape 4D – Who’s afraid of the big bad zombie?

Bandai Namco horror shooter arcade game

Ever wondered if that’s an actual zombie you can feel breathing down your neck…?

Well, with Dark Escape 4D, Bandai Namco’s spine-chilling immersive horror shooter, it really is! Get ready for a serious adrenaline rush…

The story…

You’re stuck in a creepy horror-loving dude’s idea of a fun Friday night: a deadly game where the only way out is to shoot through four levels of increasingly scary critters and zombies, all of them wanting your bluuurd! (Or brains, for the fussier eaters…)

Best bits…

Awesome cabinet design, 3D glasses, vibrating seat, 5.1 Surround Sound, recoiling weapons, 3D air blast (the better to breathe down your neck with, my dear!): All of these features work together to create truly top-notch scares! But the ultimate thrill must be the controller-mounted heart rate monitor that tracks your heartbeat throughout the game and ends up scoring each player for most freaked out at the end of each level. Guaranteed to put the “who’s braver?” question to rest once and for all!

Perfect for…

Couples who want to test their relationships, singles feeling courageous and basically anyone who enjoys a good jump scare!

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your wits about you: Dark Escape’s four levels are built around the phobias of necrophobia (fear of death/ dead bodies), achluophobia (fear of darkness), agoraphobia (fear of pursuit) and entomophobia (fear of insects). Choose your level wisely!
  • There are loads of jump scares – be ready for them! If you can focus through the big sound scares and your playing partner’s screaming, you’ll be fine.
  • Don’t stop shooting – Dark Escape gives you unlimited ammo, so you don’t have to ease up on the trigger.
  • Keep breathing – bonus points for staying calm!

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