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Mario Kart – Arcade DX

For every soul who’s kicked butt while racing backwards through a field of bananas, knows that the red Pac-Man ghost is called Blinky and has wished to be a plumber with an Italian accent when they grow up… Mario Kart is king!

Iconic characters

This loveable, quirky version of the iconic Mario Bros.-series of games and spinoffs is an arcade favourite. It’s almost universally adored: the race courses are equal parts thrilling and bizarre, the playable characters are firm favourites and the sound of a triumphant “wahoo!” whenever you smash an opponent or win a race will keep you coming back for more!

The very first Mario Kart arcade game featured 11 characters, including Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, and even Donkey Kong!

Players have to complete six stages, featuring four race tracks in each. After completing the four races, players have to survive a “challenge stage” – and that’s where weird stuff such as backwards through banana peels come in!

As you race you also have to try and hit item boxes scattered throughout the tracks, which help you unlock special items you can use to gain the upper hand. These can include bananas to throw at opponents and cause them to slip, or the notorious red bombs to add some bang to your enemy’s ride!

Trash talkin’!

 The game’s cute candy-coloured characters and race-tracks make the race experience seem relaxed and stress free – but don’t be fooled: you need to keep your wits about you!

Depending on which character you’re playing, you can trash talk your opponents in a rather adorable way: Move over Donkey Kong! Get lost Yoshi!  Take your mushrooms somewhere else, Toad! Each character has their own unique way of psyching out the competition…

The game is addictive: starting out, you’re probably not very good – but trust us, you’ll keep on coming back for more, steadily getting better until you’ve bested all your opponents!

And then, you’ll have to defend your crown against your friends and family…

Family fun

 Mario Kart is ideal for families and friends looking for an exciting, fun-filled racing game that puts a smile on your face. The arcade game console literally puts you in the driver’s seat, behind the wheel of the kart. You’ll feel the rumble of the engine starting up, the fluttering butterflies in your tummy as the beep tone and stop lights count down…

Your adrenaline will definitely hit the roof while you’re manoeuvring through various tracks and smashing item boxes to gain your prize! And playing it in a TIMEZONE just makes it better, so come on over to take on the Mario Kart high scores!

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