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Outnumbered Arcade Game

Outnumbered Arcade Rail Shooter

Competitive and Rewarding Arcade Gaming

Outnumbered is a highly competitive target shooter. Players guided through a stage of their choosing, shooting down targets as they race against the clock to reach the end of the stage. Scores are calculated based on a combination of speed (how many seconds are left on the clock at the end of the stage) and accuracy (bullseyes are worth 100 points plus add to your bonus).

At the end of each game, players are rewarded with XP, in game currency, and potential weapon component unlocks. Using the Outnumbered: WeaponForge companion app, players can forge new weapons that can be used on their next game play, compete on global leaderboards, and grow their status, levelling up and unlocking achievements.

Download the Outnumbered: WeaponForge companion app to find an Outnumbered game near you!

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